Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Lessons

Today's Life Lessons:
- Shabbat is worth missing Stir Fry. Well, I haven't tried the stir fry yet...
- Jumbo Idol is a blast, and our class is so freaking talented - I cannot wait to see these singers in the musicals, a cappella groups, and more competitions
- Hillel is really far from South
- Don't use street maps to navigate; cut through grass
- Don't help friends with homework or you'll be strapped to dynamite. At least, I think that's what I think the gist of "Academic Integrity" was about. You also can't get caught plagiarizing yourself. Apparently, once you write something, you can't have the same ideas ever again, or you're no longer original?
- Upperclassmen are funny. There's gotta be "Intro to Improv" junior year that we haven't heard about yet.
- College kids stay out late. I'm not talking 2 AM late (check the timestamp on this, why don't ya?); I mean late. I think some of them don't sleep. Ever.
- Dining serves ice cream with everything. Try varying things; have your breakfast ice cream compliment a waffle, lunch add flavor to your platter, and dinner leave you feeling warm and chocolatey.
- The main dorm doors open after scanning your ID. Sometimes. Other times, they just don't like you. They tend to get groggy as the night goes on.
- Dining closes at 7 PM on Fridays. Works for Shabbaters, but, really? No late-night cookies? I'll have to steal those in tupperware beforehand.
- All the building and street names are designed to sound alike to screw with freshmen.

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