Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What We Learn in College

Here's what's new since we last spoke:

Spanish Recitation
We learned the song "Me Enamora" by Jaunes. This also happens to be the best song in the world, which Rachel, Josh, and I presented on in junior year.

Spanish Class
We have a presentation, biographical essay, and in-class discussion on Global Warming, coming up. Oh boy.

LOST Class
We took a look at characters' faith. I'm too tired to explain it all. Basically, Locke has faith in the Island, which he is reminded of via a series of leg injuries; Jack develops faith in that which he cannot explain over time, though he is reluctant; Ben had faith in Jacob but that didn't turn out so well; Rose has faith her husband is alive even though we don't see him for a while; Dogen (Asian man from Temple in later seasons) is bound to Jacob in servitude in exchange for a shady deal, so he may or may not even have any faith at all, but come to think of it, Jacob's kind of evil, no? If you want to understand better, watch these hand-picked faith-related episodes. They're on Hulu, too:
  • "DEUS EX MACHINA" (Season 1) - Locke gets Boone killed trying to get into hatch
  • "ORIENTATION" (Season 2) - Jack first pushes button in hatch
  • "DEAD IS DEAD" (Season 5) - Locke (Smokey) returns to manipulate Ben
  • "THE INCIDENT" (Season 5) - Ben kills Jacob
  • "SUNDOWN" (Season 6) Sayid kills Dogen
That's what's on my mind. Aside from the funky Calc problem due at the end of the week. And my American Politics paper on pick-your-topic (DEATH PENALTY!) as it relates to public opinion polling, due next week.

I think I'll be studying the effect of question wording on public opinion (Death Penalty vs Capital Punishment; Criminals vs Citizens; etc). I'd have to suspect that "Would you support the execution of American citizens convicted of murder, or would you prefer life imprisonment without parole?" would yield different survey results than, "Do you support capital punishment for murderers?" After all, deep down, what human being wants to be responsible for killing people? Especially if there are alternatives? Now, to get some polls...

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