Thursday, September 23, 2010

Votes Matter

I voted in my first school election yesterday. It wasn't for representation; it was for a referendum.

The choice? Referendum 3 or Referendum 4. I saw lots of posters around campus urging support for Ref. 3, so I was, naturally, inclined to find out how and why I should oppose it. I never quite like going with the grain.

So I did the research. Ref. 3 creates 4 new Senate positions for minority groups. In other words, student groups like Tufts African-Americans get to send a special representative to the Student Senate. With full voting power, including power over student funds. Ref. 4 lumps all 4 groups into 1 new Senate position, with limited voting power; specifically, s/he cannot vote on financial matters.

Seems to me like Ref. 3 gives unfair financial consideration to minority students.

Long story short, Ref. 3 won, according to the "Tufts Daily" news this morning. Approximately 1000 votes were cast. Ref. 3 won by a single vote.

Which reminds me that your vote always matters. In small elections, especially, but even in big ones! The philosophy goes something like this:

Does it matter if you are nice to your friends and family? Does it matter if you make enough money to live comfortably? Does it matter if you die? Of course it does! So what if you are a single person; your life matters! If you believe that, then you should vote. Sure, you're just one vote. You might not get noticed. You might not change the world. But that's the case with every aspect of life. Why stop living, just because you're small?

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  1. You have a positive political efficacy :)
    B-H would be proud!


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