Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jumbo Eggs: Our Findings in the Weatherman Egg-Hunt

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the search for Jumbos! Here are our latest hatchlings:

http://www.tuftslife.com/images/weather/cloudy-day.png (Brian)
http://www.tuftslife.com/images/weather/thunder.png (Alina)
http://www.tuftslife.com/images/weather/rain-heavy.png (Sydney)
http://www.tuftslife.com/images/weather/rain-light.png (Sydney)
http://www.tuftslife.com/images/weather/snow-heavy.png (Sydney)
http://www.tuftslife.com/images/weather/snow-light.png (Sydney)

 Thanks again for all the contributions! If there are more Jumbos out there, let's find them! Meanwhile, comment about your favorite Jumbo below.


  1. Hail and thunder, when he gets hurt. Also, you didn't put in your own cloudy-partly-day.png.

  2. Max- Maybe it's another Brian(Hum...)


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