Monday, September 13, 2010

Picture Post 2

Mostly because I need to save time for homework, here's everything you need to know in picture form.

The confetti that Mom put in the Rosh Hashanah card. All over my Spanish. Ok, that's a lie, I posed this shot. I knew about the confetti already so I managed to not get it on my stuff.

My TI-84 Plus Silver. He's lonely because we can't use calculators in Calc. It's freaking called CALC. WTF Mrs. Fricker?! (kidding she was awesome)

The book from which I need to read this week. Let me clarify that: the novella that I need to read in its entirety by Friday. And our professor wasn't going to mention this. At all. It's on the syllabus. Somewhere.

Thanks for reading. Or looking. Or leaving this page up in your browser while you did something else, just so I could believe I was getting air time.


  1. Is that a bottle of Ketchup next to your calculator?


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