Saturday, September 4, 2010

Classes in the Bag; Texebooks, Not

That title is so freaking clever that I might not need to say much more.

I successfully signed up for Intro to Psychology and Intro to American Politics (the latter of which I hope isn't AP Gov again), as well as Spanish 21 although I'm afraid of the difficulty. I also got a Calculus course, but not the professor I wanted. Just don't my teacher that!

A brief overview of the process:
You search through the multi-hundred page coursebook to find what you might want. Then you go through those to find courses you can take (prerequisites, proper year). Then, of those you can take, you look them up online to find out which ones aren't full. Then, you have to select which time and day and professor you want, such that none of your courses conflict, and such that you have time for meals. Then registration opens for you, say, at 10:45 AM. Your quickly refresh the page, type in the courses, click GO, and BAM! Denied from one or the other! Quickly, you need backups! Something else to take - but what? It can't conflict with anything you're already taking! Ahh!

Missing class Thurs/Fri for Rosh Hashana; cleared it with AmerPol, can't find email addresses for anyone else so I'll get their contact info Tues/Wed.

A clarification about my last post: texting is okay for adults, it's just not as perfectly convenient, is all. And talking on the phone is still good, especially talking to people who don't live nearby. "Meet me outside" should be texted. "What's life like where you are?" should be spoken.

Back to point: Need textbooks. Finally got around to going to the bookstore - an hour after the closed. Trying again tomorrow, but mostly ordering from ABEBooks, Chegg, and Amazon Marketplace (thank you Getchabooks). I'll letcha know how it goes.


  1. I like the fact that you included my little clarification statement :)
    Thank you.


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