Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stream of Flowy Things

College Rankings
Props to Tufts for beating out Brown and Dartmouth in a recent worldwide college ranking.

Alien Carnage
In completely unrelated news, I miss playing Starcraft, and haven't since I got here.

If you go to Tufts and play, or want to play, please let me know so we can start a causal SC2 gaming group, or a tournament, or some excuse to dominate the universe.

Spell to Learn
Words I'm working on spelling correctly in the future include:
  • available
  • necessary
  • hence
  • concentrate
  • definitely
  • neighbor
The last one's on there because I always want to write neighbour, which is correct in the UK, but not here. I must have read a bit of British literature during a key developmental stage of my childhood.


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  2. continued from above comment -
    ... hence it is necessary for you to definitely concentrate on the correct spelling of neighbor whenever it becomes available to you.lol
    MOM ♥

  3. You should consentrate on properly spelling "casual" otherwise you might start having very philosophical Starcraft II games going on.

  4. Too bad "anonymous" above spelled concentrate incorrectly!


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