Monday, October 11, 2010

Mock Trial Flashback

So now that Mock Trial has started up here, I can help but think back to last year: our best season ever at Lower Moreland.

Our arguments were epic (especially Tamar's closing statement in our final trial, where she tore apart the defendant for having tripped up during the trial and admitted to saying one thing and doing another), our cross examinations devastating (see: Fisher's incredibly tricky move to get the defendant to admit to a DUI without ever asking about it, since that's objectionable), and our witnesses were airtight. We not only made it farther than we ever had before, but we had way more fun.

The cake the underclassmen made for the seniors after our 2009-2010 season (Left to Right: Ricky, Tamar, Lauren, Me, Josh, Ani)
 Oh, yeah. And we got a cake. Which was freaking awesome.

Best of luck to LoMo this year!

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  1. I recognize myself as being cut out of the picture you're in.


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