Sunday, October 17, 2010

College: A Learning Experience

On the weekends, one can lose track of time. Such was the case this past Saturday evening, when a bunch of us, who had been hanging out all afternoon, started to get hungry as the sun was setting.

We took our time, watching one more YouTube video and telling one more anecdote from our high-school years, and eventually we located our shoes and sweatshirts and made our way outside, headed for the Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center.

No sooner had we reached the main entrance (here, the main exit) of South Hall when, as though the thought had stuck each of us as suddenly as the temperature drop in the vestibule, we simultaneously paused. Checking my phone, I wondered aloud, "What time does Dewick close on Saturdays?" It was 7:39 PM.

A voice from behind, belonging to a student who has just passed us on his way back into the dormitory, answered. "Dewick's closed," he said, "They close at 7:30 on weekends." The fact that I had begun to suspect as much made the news no less shocking: We had missed dinner.

Fortunately, we were in college, not summer camp. Missing the meal at the cafeteria was not the end of the world; there were a variety of places to eat both on and off campus that were open late, especially on Saturday nights. I ended up with cheese enchiladas, and all was well.

In retrospect, it turns out that Carmichael Dining Center is open until 9:00 PM on Saturdays.

Nonetheless, the experience was an reminder of two of the most basic rules of living at Tufts. Firstly, it is wise to be cognizant of the window of opportunity for free food on any given day. One must not let such a chance escape so easily. The more elusive, but perhaps more valuable moral of the story is that, no matter what happens, one can always find an alternative to eating at Carmichael. Because let's face it, downhill is way better than uphill.

If you're a downhill jumbo, feel free to post your unyielding love and support below. If you're from uphill, you can try and comment, but I may have to remove your posts so as to perpetuate my ideal image of proper campus loyalties.


  1. Dewick rules the world.
    'nuff said.

  2. I'm from uphill But I find my self eating in Dewick at least as often as Carmichael.


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