Friday, February 28, 2014

Legal, Brief

I've been making fun of Harvard since the day I chose to come to Tufts University. We all know the Tufts cannon is aimed at the school we look down upon from atop our hill; you only need a $32 billion endowment if you're compensating; and if you want to get to Tufts, you have to take the Red Line and literally pass MIT and Harvard before reaching your true destination. Simply put: there's really only room for one elite liberal arts school five miles outside of Boston. Besides, our mascot is a big, heroic, dictionary-shaping elephant, and theirs is, apparently, an old man. But this one-sided rivalry (in all likelihood, Harvard doesn't know there are any schools further down the Red Line) may not be meant to last. Because when I applied to law schools, I applied to Harvard. And, as of last week, they said yes.

My residents are fantastic.