Friday, February 28, 2014

Legal, Brief

I've been making fun of Harvard since the day I chose to come to Tufts University. We all know the Tufts cannon is aimed at the school we look down upon from atop our hill; you only need a $32 billion endowment if you're compensating; and if you want to get to Tufts, you have to take the Red Line and literally pass MIT and Harvard before reaching your true destination. Simply put: there's really only room for one elite liberal arts school five miles outside of Boston. Besides, our mascot is a big, heroic, dictionary-shaping elephant, and theirs is, apparently, an old man. But this one-sided rivalry (in all likelihood, Harvard doesn't know there are any schools further down the Red Line) may not be meant to last. Because when I applied to law schools, I applied to Harvard. And, as of last week, they said yes.

My residents are fantastic.

Harvard really must have phenomenal name recognition, because the moment I posted this on Facebook, the likes started pouring in. I didn't know I had 300 friends until they registered their social networking mark of approval on my status (I've since checked: I have about 700, and so now I'm wondering about that silent majority...).

And, of course, as with other schools, I now have more email addresses to check and keep track of. Good thing I studied computer science.

The hardest part about all of this? Not navigating the financial aid process. Not figuring out which school is the best choice. Not weathering the endless Legally Blonde references. No.

The hardest part? Pretending my homework still matters.

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  1. So proud of you man! Start thinking up names for your Chihuahua ;)


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