Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Pesach, Don't Pass Over Tufts Dining

One might imagine that the Jewish holiday of Passover is a bad time to be eating in the university dining halls. After all, the most observant of Jews will be seriously restricting their diets, so what good would it be to swipe into Dewick, only to be tempted by endless cereal displays, fresh-baked pizza, or piles of pasta? But every year during Pesach, Tufts Dining whips out the fine china (or rather, the paper plates) and prepares a small Passover buffet. Sure, it gets old after a few days of the same options, but if you pace yourself and focus on a few items at a time, you'll be set for the week.

Where would we be without the Passover staple, Matzah?

Monday, April 9, 2012

15 Best Courses at Tufts

Thanks to the magic of Facebook questions, I've been conducting a university-wide poll over the past few weeks. Students in the Tufts Facebook network were asked to respond to a poll, asking: "Which were your favorite Tufts courses (Course Title, Professor)?" The sample is, admittedly, biased; I invited all of my Tufts friends on Facebook, and they perhaps invited theirs, but that makes me some kind of focal point. To try and balance this, advertisements to vote were distributed to all of the on-campus dormitories, and Tufts Admissions encouraged students, via Twitter, to vote. At the time I wrote this post, the poll had 328 votes, allowing multiple votes per respondent. The results give us the top classes at Tufts University, as voted upon by (a portion of) the students.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Fashion

It may be a few days past April Fool's, but someone's been up to an interesting on-campus prank. Students wandering around downhill yesterday would have noticed something rather peculiar about the local trees: They're wearing clothes. A case of yarn-bombing has struck campus, a colorful non-permanent decorative phenomenon which involves covering the local scenery in yarn. Let's take a look.

Can you spot the yarn? (Taken outside Dewick)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Elastic Strikes Back

It's back, and it's bigger than ever. In February, the RAs of Tilton and Haskell halls ran our first-ever game of sock Assassins, with great success. With 85 students playing, we had a fantastic 6-day tournament. Now, we're playing again, with sign-ups closing tonight at 10:00pm. The game generally goes as follows: Players are assigned "targets," who they must "kill" by tagging them with socks. When logging these kills, players provided some pretty fantastic battle reports, highlights included below.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So You Got into Tufts

Good work, member of the class of 2016 (or, as you're probably more used to, 2012)! So you got into Tufts, now what? If you're still deciding, like I was when I was in your shoes, this post might help you pick to live on the hill next year. If you're already coming, then here's what you've got to look forward to. Presenting: What's Good at Tufts University.

Got this during orientation; they give away lots of free stuff.