Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Elastic Strikes Back

It's back, and it's bigger than ever. In February, the RAs of Tilton and Haskell halls ran our first-ever game of sock Assassins, with great success. With 85 students playing, we had a fantastic 6-day tournament. Now, we're playing again, with sign-ups closing tonight at 10:00pm. The game generally goes as follows: Players are assigned "targets," who they must "kill" by tagging them with socks. When logging these kills, players provided some pretty fantastic battle reports, highlights included below.

Round II Promo Video
Presenting, the epic promotional video for the return of Assassins:

Highlight Reel: Haskell
"At 12:41 PM, the target was walking downhill from Olin, innocent, unsuspecting. The kill was quick and effortless. With a warcry, I swiftly bopped Meghan upon the shoulder in a flash of grey wool. She turned around in slow motion and her terror stricken eyes lost their luster." - Dane Roberts

"I waited in silent determination as she unwittingly walked directly to her impending doom. As she moved to the salad bar in Dewick, I drew my soft, fuzzy sock and with one swift gentle tap on the shoulder, the life faded from her pleading eyes." - Kevin Kron

"While eating a Cliff bar in my room, I was looking out the window. I saw a familiar hoodie and my jaw dropped.  Kevin had been hiding from me from me all day. I dropped by bar, 1/2 eaten and ran out to catch him. I got behind him and socked him in the back." - Michael James

Highlight Reel: Tilton
"Location is important in an assassination so I chose to execute him on the memorial steps near Anderson Hall to let him join others who have fallen. Assassination done in classic sock throwing fashion." - Ben Armstrong

"Ryan Schumacher had been elusive and clever in staying away from me, so I sent a recent ghost (Ryan Cairns) to do some recon work. After confirming that Ryan Schumacher was in fact on T3 at the time, I stayed in their empty common room until Ryan Cairns gave me the sign that Ryan Schumacher was leaving his room. I looked down the hall, to see someone in a bright blue robe, winter hat, scarf, sunglasses, and jeans. Confused at first, I hesitated but my ghost insisted it was him. He quickly ran down the back staircase, but I bolted after him and got him just as he grasped the handle of the door to T2. <3" - Alison Tai

"While eating Doritos with Neena Kapur, a buzz in my pocket startled me. I clutched my pocked and was delighted to see that I had been sent a new target. To make the situation even more delightful, she was sitting across from me in the common room. With my signature swagger and effervescent finesse, rose, eyes locked upon the target. Slowly I reached into my  pocket and felt the sock in my pocket. I slowly pulled it out and locked my eyes upon it. I knew that this sock not only represented the lives I had taken, but the fragility of human life. I cocked my wrist and let the sock fly across the room, landing and it struck her shoulder with a dull thud. "Today ain't your day" I told her as the reality of her death set in. Finally, I took a knee and gave thanks to the gods for another successful kill." - Simon Warchol

Get Ready
Last time, one of my T4 residents took the tournament. This time, our champion will have to face the Haskell victor in a championship match-up. Sign-ups close tonight; the game begins nearly 24 hours later. The forms are about to get dangerous.

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