Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Pesach, Don't Pass Over Tufts Dining

One might imagine that the Jewish holiday of Passover is a bad time to be eating in the university dining halls. After all, the most observant of Jews will be seriously restricting their diets, so what good would it be to swipe into Dewick, only to be tempted by endless cereal displays, fresh-baked pizza, or piles of pasta? But every year during Pesach, Tufts Dining whips out the fine china (or rather, the paper plates) and prepares a small Passover buffet. Sure, it gets old after a few days of the same options, but if you pace yourself and focus on a few items at a time, you'll be set for the week.

Where would we be without the Passover staple, Matzah?

Let's take a look at the strictly Kosher-Le-Pesach options, photographed below. If you're up for eating off of the regular plates and stations, there's plenty more fruits, veggies, and protein options than just this. But even the most strict observers should be content with the following:

Gefilte Fish

Mozzarella cheese is perfect for Matzah melts of all kinds

Add tomato sauce for a yummy Matzah pizza

Cheese and eggs for protein

Mayonnaise for egg salad; horseradish for the gefilte fish

Tuna - yum!

Fruits help keep things sweet

Yogurt, of the vanilla variety

The occasional hot souffle

Macaroons make a good dessert

It's not bread; it's Passover-cake!

If these items aren't enough for you, Hillel and Chabad each offer frequent lunches and dinners, which are a bit more appetizing, once the dining hall food gets tiresome. But if you're worried about surviving the spring holiday on the Hill, have no fear: Tufts Dining is here.

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  1. Everything looks about inviting your old grandparents up last semester for some delicious tasting passover foods from Tufts!


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