Sunday, April 1, 2012

So You Got into Tufts

Good work, member of the class of 2016 (or, as you're probably more used to, 2012)! So you got into Tufts, now what? If you're still deciding, like I was when I was in your shoes, this post might help you pick to live on the hill next year. If you're already coming, then here's what you've got to look forward to. Presenting: What's Good at Tufts University.

Got this during orientation; they give away lots of free stuff.

Dining Services (Food)
Our food is honestly some of the best dining hall food you'll ever find at a college. For vegetarians, vegans, or those with some other form of dietary restriction (for me, Kosher), Dewick and Carmichael (our dining halls) are incredible: tons of veggie options, everything clearly labeled, and lots of nutrient-rich vegan options. But even if you're good for eating anything that casts a shadow, the food is simply delicious, and pretty darn good for you. We're not talking fried chicken and french fries (though we have that, too); we're talking soups, pastas, and different cuts of meat and fish daily. It's so good, we once ranked #2 in the nation; College Prowler gives us an A+.

Perhaps most importantly, they take our comments seriously. Every day, students post comments to the board, and changes in offerings often result.

Freshman, you're on the unlimited meal plan. That means infinite trips to the dining halls, or 3 trips to Hodgdon (take-out) per day. Add to your vocabulary "trick turning." This means getting a meal at the dining halls first, and then using your meal credit at Hodgdon to get extra food for later.

The Tufts Daily (Newspaper)
The Daily reports on everything on and off campus, Monday-Friday (you can send them your opinion pieces to be published Monday-Thursday). My favorite part is writing Op-Eds; if you have something you want the whole campus to read, send it in. Chances are, they'll run it - and then you'll be in a newspaper!

Ex-College (Academics)
The Ex-College is where we experiment with new classes. American Sign Language started there, and recent offerings range from Baseball Statistics to ABC's "LOST" as Literature. While you're here, be sure to take something crazy over at Ex-College. Sometimes, the courses will count for distribution requirements, too!

Student-Run Activity (Extracurricular)
I'm not sure how it works at other schools, but at Tufts, the student Senate allocates $1.5 million dollars, funding all of our Tufts Community Union student groups - that's everything from a cappella to model UN. The student Judiciary holds hearings as they relate to these groups, with the power to prevent an organization from being student-funded if found in violation of our laws. With that kind of pocket book and rule-making power, our student government has some real say on how this university gets things done.

Tufts Student Resources hires over 60 students to run on-campus cafes, laundry services, and device rentals. The entire organization, including management, is made of students, right down to their webmaster (cue shameless self-promotion).

Of course, the single best part about Tufts is my organization: Tufts Mock Trial. Our entirely student-coached, student-run team ranked 3rd in the nation last year, and we're headed back to Nationals later this month to compete among the best schools in the United States. Tufts is on fire in the courtroom, and if you have the slightest interest in public speaking, acting, or debating, try out next fall.

* * *

There you have it: most of my favorite things about Tufts. Of course, there's too much to fit in one post, which is why you'll find hundreds more (dating back to my freshman year) at my Peacelight blog archives. Happy reading, and for the new Jumbos out there: Welcome! Be sure to say hello during Jumbo Days; I'll try and stop by the open-house festivities!

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