Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trick Turning and Other Miscelaneous Nonsense

"Trick Turning" on campus refers to eating a meal at the dining hall, then running off to a take-out eatery and stealing food from them using the same meal credit, thanks to a fluke in the system that seems to fail to let them know you've already had a meal on that credit. The take-out food can be useful as dorm snacks.

I thought "trick turning" was an incredibly suggestive choice of slang, which I wrote a comedic sketch on for "The Institute", a university sketch comedy group. The premise was that a young freshman student returned home over Thanksgiving to explain to her mother what she learned, namely, trick turning, which the mother misconstrues; all the while, neither party knows that the other has a different understanding of the conversation. It's funny. Since auditioning (and failing to be admitted, although they, in truth, took on no freshmen this time), I have been told on 3 separate occasions, by their people, that I was good. That's very kind of them. I'm joining "Major: Undecided" (sketch comedy, open to everyone) instead.

Other thoughts of mine include:
  • Who choreographs dancing fountains? Where do they learn how to do this?
  • What's with the double period? The world may never know..

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