Friday, September 3, 2010

Pasta and Comedy counteracts Exams and Bathrooms

Second day on campus.

Got up in what I thought was enough time to do everything, but ran into some trouble: my bathroom shower, for example, was broken, or, at least, seemingly so. I later showed my R.A.; she had it working on the first try. Dumb freshman, or did a handyman stop by? Cause if one did, he could have also taken a look at the door so squeaky you'd think someone was dying when it opened, the lock on the door that snaps shut with the sound of a bullet, or the sink that drains slow enough in comparison to the faucet's flow rate that it should be a calculus rate-of-change problem.

Needless to day, I was late to breakfast. Not usually a problem, unless you have something after breakfast. Like Spanish testing in the computer lab across campus. Ben (roommate) and I sprinted. Only to stand in a nice long line. The tests placed me in Spanish 4, but my AP Credit indicated Spanish 21 (the next level after 4), so the professor in charge recommending trying the harder course. Vamos a ver como hago.

The day was a blur, but I know there was lunch in there (met some new friends, none of us were in a pre-orientation group), there were some wonderfully lengthy lectures (academic panels on mathematics and psychology, admittedly by choice; safety presentations; diversity discussions), dinner (pasta, thank you Tufts! Turns out my dining hall even has a veggie buffet table - I think I'll shop there) with my LOST advising group, and some fun activities in the evening: I attended a comedy show featuring one of my senior advisers from LOST, Brian. We actually have 3 Brians in the class. Yeah. But the comedy was good; very freshmen-oriented, with jokes about roommates, awkward speed-friending, and long-distance relationships. The improv group in particular, Cheap Sox, was great - they're Whose Line for college.

Diverting back to LOST class temporarily, I forgot to mention: Yesterday, kid comes in late, we ask, "Oh, are you here for LOST?" Kid: "Yes! Yes, I'm lost!" Okay, it was funnier to be there.

Got back to the dorm nowish to find an array of emails from friends, family, and even an occasional request from ABC Innovations clients. I haven't had a chance to do anything in the dorm since I've gotten here, least of all update websites.

My white board that I love so much keep falling off the wall; the included adhesives don't work, masking tape didn't work, and even Duct tape ultimately let the board drop. It must be especially made not to be used in dorm rooms. Joy.

I hope to add pictures to this Blog soon. At the very least, I'll try and keep posting. Until, perhaps, I become busy with schoolwork and can't stay up this late typing away at the laptop while trying not to wake Ben.

Giving myself more time for breakfast tomorrow. Then off to some "Academic Integrity" seminar. Oh, and I need to discuss course selection with my faculty advisor. Firefox is telling me it's spelled adviser. I've yet to make up my mind on that.

Oh, and I figured out that calling my new friends is expensive. I don't use my cell on nights and weekends exclusively, so it seems that texting is actually less damaging to the phone plan. That being said, perhaps I'll need to upgrade past my 200/month. I'd use gmail texting, but the laptop hasn't left the dorm.

It was amusing explaining that Shabbat dinner tomorrow is related to a Jewish holiday, but no, not Rosh Hashanna; it's its own holiday. That we have every week. Yes, every single week.

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