Friday, September 3, 2010

Course Selection

So as it turns out, they give us lots of responsibility here at Tufts. I have to not only pick my courses, but schedule them so they don't conflict, give myself time for lunch, and arrange back-up course schedules in case, come tomorrow, some of my desired classes are filled.

I now appreciate my high school guidance department.

So far, I have "LOST as Literature" for 1.0 credit, a treat from the EXperimental College here at Tufts. That leaves room for 4.5 more credits worth of courses; but seeing as I can't find any good half-credit ones, that means 4 classes.

So I'm aiming for some Psych, Politics, Spanish, and Calculus - but I have no idea if that'll work out. So I've set some backups.

In the meantime, I'm looking up my courses on SIS to find out how many spots are open in each time slot, and I'm checking up on professors on RateMyProfessor. This could take all night.

AP Credit-wise, some good test, some not so good. Spanish got me out of 4 of 6 required courses - sweet! English? Took care of my entire writing requirement - but taking 2 AP English courses wasn't any more useful than taking 1. Math was also good for placement - everything else, just some credits. But it'll help.

Rate My Professors just told me which Spanish and Math will be amazing. Cool.

Off to more scheduling - I'll write more when my brain's not exploding.

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