Monday, April 11, 2011

Holi at Tufts

Sunday, Jumbos celebrated the Hindu festival "Holi," throwing colored powder at one another. A few upper-classmen had mentioned that it was pretty fun, but that was an understatement. It was awesome! So many people, all running around on a warm sunny day, armed with bags of colorful clumps - it was thrilling.

Wondering why that side of my face is so colorful? Ask the innocent-looking one...

When the hoses came out, it was time to scram. No need to run those colors together just yet.

It was like a water-gun (or water balloon, or laser tag, or paint-ball) free-for-all, outside, with nothing to fear but being hit with color. The best part was running through the crowd of people, flinging purple powder at people you recognized or dashing to avoid an assailant aiming something azure your way. (Too much with the alliteration? Let me know for next time.)

If you get a chance to be on the Hill during Holi, it's something you just can't miss. It's worth dropping whatever you're doing.*

And I'm told it comes out in the wash...eventually.

*Some restrictions apply. Do not leave explosives unattended to play Holi. Do not jump out of moving vehicles, including aircraft, to play Holi. Do not jump out of a shower and run up to Holi. Holi is not NQR. Please close your mouth while playing Holi. Holi is not for everyone. Students suffering from red/green/yellow/blue/purple colorblindness may not enjoy Holi. Students wearing expensive light-colored clothing should change before participating. Side-effects include tinted skin, rainbow runoff in the shower, and a dry feeling on the hands, eyes, and/or throat. If you have questions about Holi, please contact your local Hindu Society. 

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