Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tufts Mock Trial: 3rd in the Nation

In 2003, the Tufts Mock Trial team was founded. It did not compete. In 2005, TMT competed in its first Regional tournament, and in 2006, its first Invitational tournament. In 2008, it hosted its first Invitational, the Mumbo Jumbo. In 2010, TMT went to its first National tournament. It did not rank. This weekend, then, made for TMT history, as the Jumbos took 3rd in the division at Nationals. Out of over 600 teams originally competing, whittled down to 48 before Nationals in De Moines, Iowa, and broken into two divisions (24 teams each), Tufts established itself as one of the best programs in the country.

The three freshmen on the eight-person team. 2014, represent!

Why yes, we did place higher than Harvard.

That's one big trophy!

Tufts Mock Trial "A-Team" 2011

3rd Place Champions

Goodbye, Iowa!
We spent five days in Iowa, two for travel and three for the competition. We shared a conference center with the Future Farmers of America. Nick LoCastro earned All-American witness and attorney awards; we're fairly certain he was the only person in the entire competition to do so; we couldn't be happier!

Originally a member of the B-Team, I was brought on the the A-Team late in the game as an alternative; I prepared the witness role of "Dr. Gardner," in case we needed to run him. Unfortunately (for me), the team never needed the alternative witness; we got to run our case, as planned, every time. As a result, I got to keep time, take notes, take pictures, and, very importantly, tweet. I also went to watch the final championship round, UCLA vs. NYU. The national champion was UCLA, with a 6-2 record. Tufts also achieved a 6-2 record, only with a lower combined strength (weighted score based on the records of the opponents you faced).

The weekend was a blast! I can't wait for next year's criminal case - and next year's tryouts. Bring on the freshmen!*

*Anyone interested in joining mock trial can try out, you do not need to be a freshman. See our website for details.

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