Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Has Risen, Bread Hasn't

Sunny day. I woke up, dressed up in nice clothes, and made myself some jelly on matzah. Crunching away at the table outside my room, I wondered what I would reply to any passerby who asked, "What are you all dressed up for today?" No one came, so I never got the chance. The answer would have been an interesting one: I was dressed for Easter services; why yes, this is matzah, would you like?

Just kidding atheists, we love you too.

For the first time in my life, I attended a church service on Easter. The University Lutheran Church in Cambridge, to be exact, servicing Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and others. I accompanied my friend, Abby, a practicing Christian, in order to get a better idea of a different practice's rituals. I'll admit, I wasn't eager to wake up and trek out to Harvard Square at first, but in the end, I would say it was definitely worth it. The weather was gorgeous, the service was short (relative to the Jewish kind), and the customs were something I had never seen firsthand.

Ha. Haha. Brilliant.

All college students should make an effort to attend cultural and religious practices foreign to them as frequently as possible. At no other point in our lives will we have so many traditions so accessible to us, free to sample and welcoming of strangers. If not now, when? That holds true for everything from Holi to Easter...and hopefully much more, for me, in the years to come.

For Jews and Christians everywhere: Chag sameach and Happy Easter! We'll meet up again December of this year, when Hanukkah and Christmas coincide.

PS. That communion bread was totally challah.


  1. Wow - Abby has such a good friend - you!
    I don't think communion bread is Kosher for Passover.
    Mom ♥

  2. If we had been at my church, communion would have been totally been kosher for passover. We use wafer/cracker things and not actual bread. :P or challah.
    Also, thanks again for coming with me. YOUDABEST! <3


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