Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Order

And now, three quick updates from the Hill:

1) I auditioned (Tuesday) for a theatrical performance here at Tufts. The Directing II class is presenting a series of one-act plays (roughly 10 minutes each) on Monday, May 2nd, 2011. After auditioning, I have been given the part (woohoo!) of Des in Harold Pinter's "New World Order." It's kind of dark.

What New World Order could look like. If I were 50.
2) Course selection for rising sophomores (I'm how old now?) is next Thursday, so I'm about to have a new course order (inconspicuously tying back to the post title, much?). I've got 22 courses I'm considering, and that's gotta get boiled down to 5 in one week. Introduction to Computer Science is locked in, so we've got 4 open spots. It's basically a question of how much PolySci I want to load up on now as opposed to later. We'll see.

Picking courses can be colorful!
3) I recently published another Op-Ed (I'm growing quite fond of those) regarding an upcoming vote on a new purchase order (3 for 3, baby!) on campus. A campus-wide text-messaging system, which would enable students to text (that means: send a message with their cell phones) to get information (like dining hall hours, news updates, etc.) is considering being purchased. It's a $20,000/year expenditure, and it's being put up to a student vote later this month. The original article explaining it, as well as my thoughts, published today, can be accessed online.

Hooray for Daily Op-Eds!
That's all, folks!

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  1. Hey - some of us are quickly approaching that special number!=)


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