Friday, April 22, 2011

Massive Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy

If you've played Civilization or higher stages of Spore, you know what it's like to run a little virtual society. If you've played World of Warcraft or Runescape, you know what it's like to play with a ton of other people in the game's universe. But if you haven't taken Intro to International Relations, you haven't experienced the ultimate in gaming: the IR Simulation.

Official, provided map of "Lostralia"

Welcome to Lostralia, the continent where IR students will be spending their next week of class. The hundreds of Jumbos have been split into two "universes" comprised of seven states each. Each state has approximately a dozen members, some of which are diplomats, others press secretaries or accountants, and still others supreme dictators.

I am a Crockite, member of the Democratic Republic Crock. My state is a peaceful one, concerned with the preservation of the Vastlands (natural habitats), the end of injustice, and the rejection on modern civilization. We have been bestowed with significant quantities of the world's most valuable resources, and we share borders with two friendly states with whom we have already begun to form alliances.

Gameplay involves in-state discussions, diplomatic missions, hand-written treaty proposals, appeals to the World Council, trading of resources, coalitions and declarations of war, and "creativity"...whatever that ends up meaning. Each state has secrets unknown to the others, and each keeps a hidden tally of its resources.

That's right, you wish your country had a graphic designer.

Alliances will be forged. Dreams will be realized. World domination will be...

Sorry, getting carried away. Domination isn't on the agenda, especially for our peace-loving nation. I won't say much about our strategies, intentions, or goals, but I will say this: no matter what happens, this game is way better than lecture. It's like playing Risk with friends, only the game board is...well, Cohen Auditorium.

Peace on You, Peace on Lostralia, Peace on the World.
The Democratic Republic of Crock


  1. Hahahahah this is awesome... just a little more nerdy than I would like it to be!


  2. Crock dominated when I was in IR (I was also a member of the Democratic Republic of Crock dedicated to protecting the Vastlands)...we may have also betrayed a country or two and had a rogue diplomat who encouraged a treaty that Crock had no intention of supporting. Needless to say, best part of intro to IR

    - MP


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