Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging for Dollars

According to this Tufts Daily article, blogging might actually help me land a job. In journalism, that is.

Still, if the question "Do you blog?" is the number one interview question posed to graduates of Tufts' Communications & Media Studies Program minor, it might prove useful. After all, graduates of CMS go on to work in marketing, web development, public relations, issue advocacy, law, reporting, editing, and the like. Some of those sound pretty good.

Of course, prospective employers may want to see the blog. And they may stumble across this post. And they may begin to believe that the entire blog was invented for the purpose of padding my resume. So I want to take this opportunity to assure them that nothing of the sort is going on. This is in no way an opportunistic publication, and I'm definitely not trying to get any special advantages or publicity out of it. On an unrelated note, feel free to flip through the last few posts. Oh, yes, that's me in that newspaper article...saving the world. You know, no big deal.

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