Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warning: Contains Graphic Content

Most people store digital documents in virtual "folders", and these "folders" are represented by a file-folder-like icon on most computers. Not mine.

I have recently customized the icons which represent the virtual storage containers of all documents related to each of my 5 courses this semester. The purpose in doing so was to both add color and friendliness to my collection of syllabi, readings, and essays, and also to create a visually-based method for more quickly selecting appropriate folders, bypassing the time-consuming task of actually reading folder names.

Each of the above represents a folder on my computer.

So far, it's working pretty well. I know right to go for the gamblers' dice for making Rational Choices, and the comedy/drama masks are an obvious cue for Acting. So far, the system is working.

Want to change icons on your own computer? (Warning: Windows-only instructions to follow.) First, you'll want some icons. You can make your own in a graphics editor by saving your images as ".ico," or download ready-made ones from sites like IconsPedia. Then, right-click a link or folder and select "Properties." Under "Customize," find the "Change Icon" button, and, from there, navigate to wherever you've saved some icons on your computer. Have fun, and feel free to link to screenshots!

Update: 2 Feb. 2011
Check out these old folders I dug up from sophomore year...I actually had to make these. Maybe I'll get back into that at some point.

Pretty pictures! And they actually look like folders...nice!
C'mon people...I know I'm not the only one who does this...post some links...

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