Monday, February 7, 2011


New, from the makers of Peacelight:

Reading a Blog post? Eager to share your opinion? Now you can, more easily than ever, with "Reactions."

Simply check off the adjective that best describes your experience with the article, and your vote will be instantly counted. Try it out below.

Contenders that didn't make the final cut include:
  • Enlightening
  • Heartwarming
  • Ineffable
  • "Like"
  • To The Daily!
  • WTF?

Got better suggestions? Want to revive a contender? Comment!


  1. Maybe some not-so amiable adjectives? Makes it look like we have only one emotional option...

  2. "To the Daily!" most definitely should have stayed in...

  3. @anonymous: I hesitate to put negative adjectives into the mix; much in the way that Facebook does not feature "Dislike," I anticipate danger in allowing people to disapprove of posts. Imagine, for example, if there was a "Boring" option, and I posted about a Mock Trial victory. That would be insulting to a group of people. If you could suggest some adjectives, we could consider them.

  4. @MB: I like it, too. Unfortunately, (1) it makes the Reactions list run onto two lines, which renders strangely and messes up the formatting, which is odd, I would think Blogger would have accounted for that, and (2) it's not applicable to the majority of posts. But thanks for the support! We'll see what we can do...

  5. Also- perhaps "Mind-blowing" could be replaced with "interesting" or "thought-provoking"... While very few of your posts are actually mind-blowing (no offense) most of them do make me think.

  6. You got it - I swapped mind-blowing for intriguing. Thanks!


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