Thursday, February 24, 2011

3:17 PM

The following takes place between the hours of 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on the Thursday that was a Monday.

1:30 PM - Intro to International Relations begins.

1:34 PM - I switch off the wireless adapter on my laptop, intending to focus on coursework and not Facebook.

1:43 PM - A friend receives a text messages that one of her suitemates has been designated an RA "alternate," the equivalent of being placed on a wait-list. It becomes apparent that RA decisions have been released.

1:44 PM - I resolve not to turn the internet back on; I will wait until class has ended to check.

1:50 PM - It's only been 6 minutes. I can't take this. Class doesn't end for another 55 minutes.

1:54 PM - No, I'm not going to check. Just, pay attention...what is the professor saying? My G-d I have a computer on my lap...

1:56 PM - Another report: a suitemate became an RA. Must resist...

2:15 PM - Just half an hour. That's doable. I might not get it. Or I might get it. I can't do this...

2:33 PM - Almost there...

2:34 PM - Almost almost there...

2:37 PM - So close...

2:44 PM - Countdown from 60...

2:45 PM - Why isn't lecture over?

2:46 PM - Aw c'mon, save it for Monday...finish up...

2:48 PM - Done! Okay, no, no, no; not checking here, not with all these people. I'm going back to my room. Start, shutdown, sleep. Pack up this computer. Alright, back to South.

2:58 PM - I grabbed my LOST essay from the Experimental College yesterday afternoon. Here it is. I wanted to save it for now. Let's see...comments, comments...aha! An A! "Excellent work. It was funny, smart, and made great use of commentary and quotes...well done all around." Good, at least I have good grades to look forward to if this falls through, okay, let's check that email.

3:02 PM - Inbox...2 emails...what?! Not RA-related. Uh oh. Let's check the Tufts email system directly, maybe it didn't get through to gmail...nope, not there. Spam folder, deleted Back to gmail, spam folder, What?! Uh oh.

3:05 PM - The two people who already found out were offered something; a position, a wait-listed spot. They probably sent out the acceptances first, then the wait-lists...rejections come last. Uh oh.

3:11 PM - This could take all day. This is gonna suck...

3:13 PM - could be alphabetical? What were the last names of the people I know who got emails...

3:16 PM - An email! Oh my G-d here it is...subject line: "RA Applicant." Uh oh. That's not good. That sounds like a mass-message. And that's not exactly "Congratulations" either. This is it...

3:17 PM - 

(message screenshot)
3:18 PM - YES! I accept, I accept, I accept! Thank You!!!


  1. 3:19 pm - Text news to friends and family.
    3:23 pm - While coming down the stairs in South to get some fresh air after all this excitement, I meet up with two friends who apparently RAN halfway across campus to congratulate me, running through a huge tour group in the process.
    3:26pm - So happy. Finally get outside for some air. Why isn't there SUNSHINE?

  2. Brian....we are both so very proud of you!!! You did it...good for you! You wear so many hats, valadictorian, lst in your graduating class in high school, Mr. Barrister, and now RA!

    Love you,
    Grandmom and Grandpop

  3. Mazel-Tov again!
    Yea! Good job interviewing and more...
    You will be a super RA - they are fortunate to have you!
    ♥ Mom
    PS - Abby - I love your comments!

  4. Thu, Feb 24, 2011 4:00 pm: I get an e-mail from Brian's PROUD Mom!! Congratulations!!!!


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