Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy CII

Each time I go to write a new blog post, I come to a screen which tells me how many posts I already have. The problem is, it counts posts that were never published; drafts I wrote which are sitting on Google's servers, collecting virtual dust and awaiting much-needed editing, reconsideration, and ultimately fundamental rewriting. The post-count, therefore, is off; it measures too many posts. And so, although it's been displaying numbers over 100 for the past few days, I haven't paid it much attention.

I realized, however, that it would be neat to note the 100th post. The counter said I had 106 thus far, but I went through and counted all the ones that neither made it to the spotlight nor the trash can. There are currently five purgatory posts floating out there. Which means that, at the time of this "107th" addition to the collection, I am writing my 102nd post.

So I seem to have missed the celebration altogether. The true centennial is my Mystery sQuaRe writeup. Then again, 100 is just an arbitrary number as any, right? Why not celebrate 102?

In other blog-related news, The Daily never replied to my submission of the Onion article as an op-ed (their loss), and admissions also never replied to my inquiries about getting involved with the official Tufts Blogs. Let this be a lesson to every human being living in our time: check your email! I'm currently pursuing the latter via alternate routes. We shall see.

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