Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mystery sQuaRe

Taking a warm-cut through the campus center the other day, I noticed a funky little QR code pasted to the door. Now, my phone is not equipped with QR decoding software, not to mention an internet plan, but it does have a nifty 2.0 mega-pixel camera (someone with a fancy pocket-sized 50mpx/800iso prototype is laughing at me right now. And our children are laughing even harder, from the future, with their 2.0 petapixel contact lenses). So I snapped a photo. Looks like this:

The QR code. It's like a bar code. You're supposed to scan it with your phone.

It took me until a few days later to get around to sending the image over to the computer, and searching around online for a decoder. I'll save you the trouble: ZXing lets you decode them, and Kaywa lets you make your own.

Turns out (look, I'm saving you even more trouble) this one points you to Tufts' Imaginet's WordPress (blog).  Which is cool and all, but not uber-exciting.

I promise it's not worth it. (Like you can resist)

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