Saturday, May 7, 2011

Schedule: Fall 2011

It would seem that, with registration taking place during the Iowa tournament and anything else, I have completely forgotten to post my fall schedule. This really surprises me, but I searched the blog a few times over, and I'm fairly sure it's not there. In which case:

PS-43: Justice, Equality, and Liberty
It hits a requirement for a Political Science (PS) minor/major, and the professor's supposed to be excellent. It's cross-listed as a philosophy course, so it should be the perfect blend of politics and debate. Can't wait!

COMP-11: Introduction to Computer Science
No, stop asking, I didn't get Hescott! I know, I know, he's the best computer science professor in the world, or something; look, I'll take him for COMP-20 if he's still teaching it, alright? Anyway, this course is the pre-req for COMP-15, which is the pre-req for everything else. So while this doesn't actually help me get a major/minor, it opens up the box which holds the key which opens the door.

EC-6: Business Law
Entrepreneurial Leadership 101 filled, so this was as close as I could get. People like it, so we'll see!

AST-9: Concepts of the Cosmos
Yes, I'm taking this to kill my science requirement. But I'm not just taking it for that. I mean, there are lots (read: not enough! What the heck, Tufts? You discontinued all the good ones! You honestly expect non-majors to take intro chem?) of courses that would fill the requirement, but who doesn't love space? Nebulas? Red giants?

PS-194: U.S. Environmental Policy
If the large course number frightens you, perhaps it should! I can't get a straight answer out of anyone, but there's a chance that 100-level courses are more difficult than non. But it'll be worth it. Who knows, this course could shape my idea of future career paths. You know, whether or not to be a tree-hugger and all. That and PS-43 should settle my internal "hippie-or-not" debate.

Of course, I'm really not fulfilling my true potential with any of those. As a Lower Moreland alumnus, I really ought to be studying music.


  1. Since a career in music has a 100% chance of leading to financial security...

  2. Update: A few things must have changed between the time I posted this and the time I actually took Fall courses. I did end up with Hescott, who is the best professor ever (or something), and Cosmos was dropped in favor of an Ex-College course on Public Relations. Because I know how many people really need to get those facts right.


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