Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cross-Post: ScribeFire (Test 1)

This post is a test to see if I can publish to Peacelight and TuftsBlogs simultaneously, or at least sequentially, without too much effort.

Right now, I'm using the ScribeFire plugin for Google Chrome. The immidiate downside seems to be a lack of spell check...that's going to be frusturating. It looks like I'll have a few options for that:

1) Use ScribeFire in Firefox, where Firefox's built-in spell check will take care of it.
2) Find a way to get Chrome's built-in spell check to function in ScribeFire; it's not.
3) Spell check each post "manually" by copy-pasting into Microsoft Word before posting.

I'm working on #2 right now. But first, let's see if this cross-posting works. Oh, and I should probably see if we can get images and links in here; I use those a lot.

Right; when I went to put in that image, ScribeFire linked up to Picasa (yay!) but I had to manually enter the dimensions (if altering from the default). So in the future, I'll either be scaling the images down to perfect size before uploading (a space-effective practice anyway) or using this neat tool I found: Aspect Ratio Calculator. Oh nice! Open-in-new-window features for links - that's something Blogger failed to integrate.

Alright - and now, for the double positng. Fingers crossed...

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