Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop Watching Paint Dry

I painted the cannon for the first time during my freshman year, for the Tomas for Tufts campaign. Little did I realize that, with a bit of technology, I could have started even earlier. Had I known about this website earlier, I might have been painting, screenshotting, and sharing my cannon masterpieces with friends long before I set foot on campus. Ladies and gentlemen, I share with you:

I can hardly believe I had never seen this before. The website features detailed cannon history, a fairly rich selection of painting options, and a gallery of saved cannon creations.

A quick Peacelight cannon design
You can even digitally relocate the treasured Tufts landmark, dropping the cannon off at the Tisch Library, for example.

Disclaimer: This feature will not cause the physical cannon to move to Tisch
While you paint, the site occasionally drops information about the university and its students' accomplishments. For instance:

So what are you waiting for? Get painting - and be sure to drop a link to your saved creations below, in the comments.

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