Monday, May 7, 2012

Paint it Blue

During reading period, Tufts Mock Trial set out on our third attempt to paint the cannon. Our first attempt was undercut by Tufts Wilderness, which got there a few hours earlier to guard. Our second attempt was rained out. But the third time's the charm, they say! Here's a recap of our season, and some great shots from out painting expedition.

Mock Trial 2011-2012 Season Recap: In September, we were thrilled in add 14 new members to our team. Our invitational season included first place wins at Tufts, Yale, and UMass Amherst, along with second place at UMass Amherst and third place at UNH.

In the spring, Tufts took two bids out of Regionals (Manchester and Boston), earning Tufts A and Tufts B shots at the New York Opening Round Championship Series. The Tufts teams tied for a qualifier to Nationals, with Tufts A pulling ahead in a statistical tie-breaker.

Tufts sent ten students to compete in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the National Championship Tournament (NCT), where Tufts battled the hardest teams in the competition (i.e. Tufts earned the highest CS in the division). Placing 14th among 24, Tufts looks forward to reclaiming its trophy-winning title next season, and advancing multiple teams to the NCT.

More information about Tufts Mock Trial's successes can be found online.

In celebration of a groundbreaking year, from our unbelievable invitational season to the unprecedented quality of our new mockers, we brought out the party paint and the big guns. It all started with some good-old cannon-guarding, a healthy 6-hour rotation of shifts prior to sunset. From there, we painted our way into the night.

Once darkness falls, it's safe to paint over whatever was previously on the cannon.

Two cans of paint and eight brushes were plenty.

The bushes made good brush-holders.

Jen's incredible stencil.

Andrew, applying finishing touches.

We kept sentries around well into the following morning. The following is the real Facebook reports of our cannon's guardians:

"‎3:07 am- They are still making attempts on the Cannon."

"‎3:30. Leaving now. Starting to rain. Cannon secure. Over and out."

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