Saturday, May 12, 2012

Visualizing in Degrees

Students at Tufts University are happy to know that the old SIS (Student Information Systems) is being updated, scheduled to be operable by my senior year (2013-2014). It is certainly a much-needed improvement; the current system, aside from being incredibly slow during course registration and simply looking text-based and ugly, has an interesting sleep schedule. For example, the entire system goes down between 6pm-8pm every night, and "may be unavailable on Sundays from 6AM to 10AM EST/EDT for scheduled maintenance." I'm sorry, your database needs 18 hours of down-time per week? Yikes. So wonderful; SIS is getting an upgrade. It took a whole new building on campus, but it's going to happen. But what if SIS wasn't the only thing changing? I propose a makeover for our Degree Audit Reporting System, DARS. And it would look something like this:

(click image to enlarge)

Okay, you got me. I just wanted to show off this gorgeous graphic I've been working on. I'm something of a visual learner, or at least a visual thinker, and so this is what my Tufts degree progress looks like to me. Yes, Tufts University, I would love a job in two years making this happen (Dan and Justin syndicating my blog at Admissions, I'm looking at you, with the administrative contacts). Joking aside, how much more fun would earning a degree be with this?

And no, that's not my GPA (unless Dan and Justin have better connections than I thought).

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