Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes, it's true: I'm stuck on campus until the twenty-third. But that's not just because I'm an RA (um, yes it is?); I also have my final final exam the day prior. So which awful scheduling decision from eight months ago is keeping me here long enough to experience Boston Logan the night before the-night-before-Christmas?

After one semester at Tufts, I realized that I could study computer science as an "arts and sciences" student; by selecting to go to a small liberal arts school in New England, I hadn't given up entirely on the path to a practical education. So I was determined to give it a try, what with my knack for all things computers. But upperclassmen warned me, "Wait for the fall. Take Hescott!"

And so I delayed my plunge into programming until my sophomore year. Perhaps one of my most important course selections yet, COMP-11 (Introduction to Computer Science) with professor Benjamin Hescott was well worth the wait.

The following presentation is the book I would have gifted to Professor Hescott, had I a printing press, a budget, or a suspicion that it would affect my final grade. Instead, professor, I hope you'll settle for this digital copy. Happy Holidays, and thank you for an amazing semester.

With that, I begin to study for that single remaining final examination. I've signed up for two more CompSci courses for the spring (15, 22); we'll see where this goes. Perhaps a minor, a second major? If nothing else, a useful perspective and a further diversified skill-set. It's hard to tell right now. Anything could happen, after all, in the next couple of years.

But after a class like this, I'm already feeling better about my ability to handle it.

Dark alley. Switchblade. Bottle of jack.

Bring it on.


  1. Credit to MayaBea for taking down some of those awesome quotes!

  2. Those quotes are awesome. And by the end of 15 and 22 you'll have a good idea where you want to go in CS, since everything is basically a more advanced version of one or the other.


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