Friday, December 2, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Thursday

It was around two-something in the morning when I finally put down the laptop, grabbed my toothbrush and ID card, and headed down the hall toward one of Tilton's bathrooms. But I hadn't even gotten past my door before I saw it. There it was, being constructed right in front of me. Like elves, residents were busy working late into the night, untangling, taping, and getting ready for the holidays. Here is what they produced:

This was left on my door; so shiny!

Climb four flights of Tilton's stairs, and at the very end, you'll be surprised by the red-carpet treatment leading into the penthouse. It's a welcome reward for the long climb.

The main billboard is decked out with holiday spirit, trimmed to perfection.

We're being inclusive, of course; the electric Hanukia is good to go.

We're not just talking about lights; we're talking lights and ornaments carefully placed to highlight the contours of the lounge.

How awesome is T4? We may still have three weeks left before the holidays, but this hall is welcoming December in style.

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