Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Update

Crosswords and camcorders? Just another action-packed weekend at Tufts. After my floor decorated the hall for the holidays, I couldn't resit a bit of decorating of my own. I threw up some Christmas lights in the part of the hall nearest my room, and added a few other touches. A review of a creative few days:

Photo Credit: Will Clarkson, 2011
Yep, that's my hall. Musicians, photographers, you name it. I gave videography a try this weekend, promoting Tufts 4 the Cure for my PR class (see: ExCollege).

Meanwhile, rehearsals continue for Play by Play. And just in case I needed a bit more creative outlet, check out T4's awesome new bulletin board:

No hints, just key pre-written letters. What could those words be?

Students submitted suggestions - and I chose this.

They figured this one out pretty quickly, so I inked it in.

If you solve the crossword from your computer, don't comment. Can't have the challenge ruined!

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