Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hats Off to Tufts Startups

I knew from the beginning that it would be a real turn-off to use this Blog to self-promote my comprehensive computer repair and web design services, so I have yet to post on the topic. I do not, however, feel that the same modesty need be applied in discussing other people. It is from that logic that I now begin to kvell on behalf of the early successes and growth of BeaBug's Hats, started by my dear friend and fellow Tufts freshman, MayaBea.

Ever wonder what Tufts kids do in their free time? The answers are endless, but one surprisingly popular response is "run a business." Graphic design, dorm-brewed coffee, and, sure enough, crocheted hats can all be requested from Jumbos across campus. In the spirit of the effort not to focus on my extensive website portfolio or raving testimonials, let's talk about the hats. Or, rather, let's show them off:

Photo credit: MayaBea (BeaBug) of

Photo credit: MayaBea (BeaBug) of

Photo credit: MayaBea (BeaBug) of
That's right folks, those hats and many more are organically student-made, locally crocheted head-wear. The newest designs come with pom-poms, ear flaps, flowers, and more. (Want to see more? Shop around)

So whether your a prospective freshman wondering if Tufts students have awesome, creative, and marketable skills and hobbies, a Jumbo who has his or her own business to be proud of (or can be proud of his/her friend's), or anyone of any age who needs a hat, now you know.

Run a small business? Know someone who does? Comment below! We'd love to check out your stuff!

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