Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Week in Photos

What's up at Tufts? Let's check it out...through photos!

"Cheap Sox" performing at HilleLOL. During one game, one of them lied down on the floor, pretending to be dead. We were asked to shout out "Give us something that this person died of!" Best response: "A wrench."

Tufts Dance Collective
2 hours of non-audition performance groups, guest-featuring Sarabande and Irish Dance (starring Abby)

Ballroom competition at the gym - wait, we have a gym? Great job, MayaBea.

Brasil Club
The Brasil Club performing awesome martial-arts dance. It's reminiscent of a future time in which fighting has evolved into choreographed motion and art, because they don't have use for real fighting anymore. 


"S-Factor" (a capella) doing "impromptu"-style singing at Dewick to promote their upcoming show.

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