Monday, December 6, 2010

I, Lorax

Today, I'm the Lorax,
I speak for the trees;
I ask you to listen up closely now, please.

I brought a new printer,
The laser-jet kind,
'Cuase running to Tisch I was starting to mind.

And yet, this new printer,
Though nicer than most,
Doesn't do one thing the Tisch printers boast.

For, when printing at Tisch,
It had been all the rage
To print every paper on both sides of each page.

But I've found a good method,
Of loading and flipping,
That keeps all the blank sides of pages from skipping.

And so I would ask you,
Whoever, wherever,
To please kindly join me; don't skip pages ever!

Find a way, a new way,
To print two-sided, like me;
So that you, like the Lorax, may speak for a tree.


  1. Your use of anapestic tetrameter is really impressive. I approve.

    (also to be noted- captcha for this post was "terific"... clearly they cannot spell. your system must be better)

  2. If this was facebook I would "Like" it.
    That being said.... :D


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