Friday, November 5, 2010

Ghosts of the Past

No, no, no. Not the Starcraft 2 trailer. Blog ghosts, in fact.

I would like to announce that I have been the author of not one, but three distinct Blogs over the past few years. The one which you currently read, Peacelight, is undoubtedly the most successful: a (current) public following of 10 members, over one hundred hits on select posts, and a healthy number of comments-per-article (though I would love to see more).

My previous two Blogs, which I have stopped writing, nonetheless sit out there in cyber-space, waiting for weary internet-travelers to stumble upon them (no reference to stumble-upon intended).

Therefore, presenting links to two other (smaller, no longer expanding) treasure troves of insight:

Leftover Bytes
Thanks to my unparalleled ability to invent brilliant Blog titles (you are welcome to dispute this below), this Blog focuses on the abstract and often technology-oriented musings of my mind. Here, I do not talk (often) about my life; rather, I write brief essays, if you will, on such concepts as religion, life, and perception. I take this opportunity to recommend two of my favorite posts, "Sandcastles" and "Foot Soldier for Graminoids," in addition to one of my best friend's favorites, "The Human Mind." I encourage you to read all 12 in the (current) collection from the summer of 2009.

Political Lefy
Once again, I play beautifully on words (I'm left handed) in this title, if I may say so myself. This Blog, a bit older, followed a bit of the 2008 presidential election - and then, it would appear, I got tired of writing it. Unfortunately, the author was a bit less mature than he currently considers himself to be, and the writing may be less impressive and less persuasive than he would have liked, but it nonetheless exists. In particular, the post on "The Clinton Factor" was quite accurate, and surprisingly level-headed during a time of intense media-warping of politics. I also continue to support the sentiments of "McCain's Bright Idea," only I would expand it to any political figure or policy aiming to reduce costs for Americans ever so slightly while increasing costs for government so very greatly. If you have no interest in politics, I cannot recommend the Blog.

Yes, yes, I know: some of you didn't come here to read up on abstract concepts or political debate, you want to know what's going on in my life at Tufts University. I'll bullet point it for ya'.
  • Auditioned and (more importantly) was cast in a small performance for freshman students
  • Preparing for Mock Trial competition next weekend (not this coming one)
  • It's raining
  • Picking next semester classes soon (a little over a week)
  • Working on unveiling a campaign to encourage students to participate in WCG BOINC (more to follow in the future)
  • Bemusedly looking on as friends participate in NaNoWriMo
  • Going to see "The Alchemist" on campus
  • Attaining a more successful understanding of power series in mathematics
  • Deciding to (likely) supplement my remaining Language/Culture requirement with the latter
  • Smiling at my growing collection of wall-hanging photography
  • Noticed that this list began and ended in past tense, with present progressive between

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  1. I can't tell if you have confused "bemused" and "amused" (as I myself am wont to do), or if we truly failed at explaining why we would take on such a ridiculous task.


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