Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pretzel Night

Monday night was Pretzel Night at the Balch Arena Theater - an all freshman play! Cast size: 6, including yours truly! The show was hilarious, tons of fun, and completely unique. The script was an original, written by Tufts students (who attended!), and the performance was one-time-only - if you missed it, your loss.

But wait! Here to save you from your loss - pictures!

The play opens with Dan and I doing some cool scenes together. In the beginning, Dan is "depression," and I'm a depressed person. Setting: my brain.

The show includes me drinking. A lot. Humor is enhanced by spit-takes, in which I (eventually) build up to spraying a large mouthful of my beverage all over Yessi.

This is an awesome action shot. I win the thumb wrestle.

It's a pretty funk play. We know.

An awesome pose. This doesn't happen during the performance.

The cast: (clockwise) Me (Pat), Yessi (Taylor), Tyler (Angel), Avery (Sydney), Dan (Sam), Emily (Morgan)
There were soft pretzels afterward.

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