Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Photos and Painted Pumpkins

Now that November is here and the colder weather is coming, let's take a quick look at what fall looked like at Tufts... mostly through macro-shots of leaves and pumpkins.

Notably, not a close-up of a leaf. 


Look prefrosh, our New England university is pretty and sunny. It won't get cold. #indenial

Because if your camera can focus on water droplets, who wouldn't take the picture?

Step 1: Capture sun's rays. Check. Step 2: Bottle for winter. Uhh...


It was magical.

And it was massive.


Pumpkin Potter and the Half-Baked Pie

Heat of the Pumpkin!

Can't take credit here. Someone else made this masterpiece...

...which I then borrowed inspiration from.


Despite Halloween being over, fall is officially still running for another six weeks. There's still Thanksgiving and even Hanukkah to be had before winter comes. Let's just hope Boston doesn't decide to grace us with its little ice age early this year.

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