Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Prefect Welcome

I'm back on campus and back in the business of RAing, this time in a freshman-and-sophomore dorm. Typing at my laptop by an open window, I can hear the matriculation ceremony already underway. The class of 2017 has arrived, and those living on my floor in Miller Hall are in for a magical surprise.

Credit to Alina for some of the fancier art

Every RA is responsible for creating themed door tags for the hall, along with informative or interactive bulletin boards. And because Tufts is basically already Hogwarts, I couldn't help but give in to the pressure from friends (and my younger brother) to theme the hall. Let's have a look:

Door Tags
I'm not supposed to play favorites, but some of these tags may be the best:

My Door

Bulletin Boards

Sort Yourself: Tell us something about yourself, and then self-sort!

Famous Jumbo Cards: Alumni and chocolate frogs go well together.


Wizards should go down the hall.

Now remember, kids: No hall-Quidditch indoors, no Butterbeer if you're under 21, and there are no towels in the bathroom, so you'll have to learn to handle a dry spell.

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