Monday, February 25, 2013

#4bids: TMT Monopolizes Tournaments

Each year, over 600 teams compete in the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA)'s nation-wide tournament. The season opens with regional competitions in February, where teams strive to come out in the top 7 of 24, earning their way to the next round. Many schools are quickly eliminated. Some send two teams, or three, or even four into the fray, hoping that some combination of members can form a strong enough force to break into the top seven. Each year, Tufts sends four teams into battle, and for the past few years, the Jumbos have stolen a bid, or even two, from New England neighbors. But for the first time in the school's history, Tufts Mock Trial won an unprecedented four bids this month. Every team to compete qualified. Every member of the organization won.

Tufts B and C' celebrate #4bids at the Boston awards ceremony
With one regional completed and another in Boston this weekend, members from non-competing teams came to observe and support their teammates.

The first round was Friday night, leaving both Tufts teams 2-0. Saturday morning brought more good news, with Tufts B picking up both ballots (4-0) and Tufts C' splitting (3-1). Saturday evening brought mixed results, with Tufts B taking a loss and a rare tie, while Tufts C' took both ballots for a surprising surge:

But it wasn't until the closing ceremony, after the thank-yous had been given and the tension slowly built, that the news was broken:

In honor of this historic achievement, I present to you the official Tufts Mock Trial infographic: "Understanding Results of Tufts Mock Trial (2013)".

Zoom in for a better look

Unfortunately, AMTA caps schools at two bids, so despite quadruple qualifying, Tufts will only have two chances at the Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS). With any luck (and a whole lot of practice), Tufts will qualify for nationals, bringing Jumbos to the nation's capital for the ultimate contest.

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