Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Latke, Two Latke; Green Latke, Blue Latke

For those unfamiliar with the Hanukkah treat, a latke is a "potato pancake", a food fried in oil to celebrate the burning of oil in the holiday story. It's made of potatoes and onions, primarily. Since I was away for Hanukkah, it only made sense to have a belated latke-making event once I got back home. My dad left us the recipe, and we got cooking. And then, we found the food dye...

No, latkes aren't typically colorful. But Hanukkah candles are, so hey, why not? Our masterpieces looked like this:

I do not like green eggs and ham, but colored latkes? Well hot damn!

We found green, yellow, and blue food coloring.

So we used all three.

These may look like normal latkes, but they're dyed yellow! Gotcha!

The family latke recipe has been added to BigOven, along with the best Hamantashen you've ever had (sorry, Lipkin's Bakery, but there isn't a non-compete clause in our website design contract). Have your own latke recipe? Or a different family favorite? Comment below.


  1. Mom mom's Hamantashen recipe goes viral - did you ask her permission?

  2. After insisting that I was old enough "to do it ALL BY MYSELF," I cut my finger pretty badly grating potatoes at age 9. I've mostly stuck with grandmother's latkes or frozen ones ever since :/

    1. Ouch! I had no idea - we should give these a shot some time; I bet you'll survive.


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