Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Highland Hanukkah

Scotland isn't exactly known for its Jewish population. Despite the recent creation of a Jewish tartan, you can tell the Jewish communities aren't too large by the mere fact that one organization, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, represents all of them. (Aside: Excerpts from Voices of Grandchildren were recently published in the December 2012 issue of their Four Corners newsletter). But the fact that 0.1% of Scots identify as Jewish (2001 census) doesn't stop the Hanukkah celebrations from happening, even during our exam weeks.

Thanks to a Hanukkah menorah from Chabad, nightly candle-lighting has been possible. Couple that with some latkes, dreidels, and gelt, and we're ready to party.

Teaching new friends dreidel has become a new Hanukkah tradition.

I wasn't the only one with a hannukiah.

Latkes, fresh and delicious.

What's red and white and way cooler than a candy cane?

They also come in rainbow colors.

And then, who can resist the window menorah?

(right outside the building entrance)

So while all of you study
for finals tonight,
Happy Hanukkah all;
May your candles burn bright!

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