Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Cookbook

Toward the start of the summer, I found the website (and pretty cool App) "BigOven", which I've been using to record recipes. The dishes are then accessible from any phone, laptop, or tablet I can find, which should make cooking in Scotland (or back at Tufts) a little bit easier. I expanded past Asian dishes in the last month or two, and it's time to share the most delicious ones with you.

Without further ado, the best recipes of 2012 (according to my kitchen):

Italian Tomato Sauce | Make It!
A friend's family recipe, this sauce leaves passerby hungry during its 3-hours of simmering on the stove...but it's worth it.

Tuna Noodle Casserole | Make It!
My mom's simply combination of canned, frozen, and dry ingredients doesn't get old, even after all these years.

Purim Hamantashen | Make It!
A family tradition, these Hamantashen will beat any bakery's (sorry, Lipkin's). The trick is the fruity dough.

Cooking up something scrumptious? Send the recipe my way...maybe I'll give it a try!



  2. Hey hey, not bad. Maybe open up a BigOven account, eh?


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