Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunny Study Spaces

If you're one of my residents, you know that after 11:00pm on weeknights, it's quiet hours. That means that you're going to be dead silent, respecting the rights of your hall-mates to sleep, study, and sort out their schedules without interruption. If you're unfortunate enough to live in some other hall, however, or (heaven forbid) an unstaffed residence, you might be the victim of some noise pollution. Or, perhaps it's the middle of the day, quiet hours haven't yet set in, and you need some solitude. If the Boston skies haven't opened up to release a torrent of rain and snow, take advantage of the outdoors. Simply seek a sunny study space; see subsequent selection.

Tisch Patio Roof
It features a great view of the Boston skyline, mixes cool concrete with lush foliage, and even comes wired with electrical outlets.

President's Lawn Benches
The cove of benches overlooking the President's Lawn combines a secluded feel (of being surrounded by hedges) with a real sense of being at Tufts. From your uphill perch you'll be able to spot dozens of Jumbos enjoying the weather on the Hill.

Lower Campus Corner
Thanks to this summer's renovations, the corner of Latin Way and Lower Campus Road now makes for a beautiful hang-out space, complete with natural (grassy) and artificial (brick/stone) seating options.

Arts Gallery Fountain
Perhaps one of my favorite hidden treasures on campus, the fountain behind the Arts Gallery runs throughout the warmer months. The leaves and blossoms which fall into the water in the fall and spring add the finishing touches on the soothing atmosphere, and there are a handful of convenient stone slabs nearby on which to sit.

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