Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show Google Some Love

I couldn't resist. Polar bears? Space travel? Chocolate cake? Yes, yes, yes! When Google asked "What do you love?" at the bottom of their homepage today, I just had to check out their new little toy.

Of course, once I realized that the service took your searches and used them to suggest accessing a multitude of Google products and tools, I couldn't help having fun with it. A search for "web design" would suggest books about web design, videos about web design, and the like. But searches for some other terms can turn up some humorous suggestions.

It's absolutely amazing that Google will let you...

Got any of your own? Feel free to link to 'em in the comments! Just avoid using the 3-letter synonym for intercourse. Cause if you do, Google automatically redirects you:

Kittens? And rainbows?
Happy demon-hunting!


  1. Cute - not seeing the humor in the 8th one down though - lol

  2. "Start a debate about God" (including "Where's the best place to find God?")
    "Alert me about the Rapture"
    "Explore Flatland in 3D"
    "Watch videos of the Big Bang"
    "Find Mars nearby"
    "Scour the earth for the Apollo 11 landing site"
    "See pictures of aliens"
    "Email someone about someone else entirely"
    "Explore my celebrity crush showering in 3D"
    "Call someone about how my phone and internet aren't working"
    "Search Wordpress blogs" ("Create a Wordpress blog with Blogger")


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